Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pt. 4 of New Hampshire

Really, this wasn't that long of a trip, but we packed a lot in!

The final day we visited the Vermont Country Store.

There was lots to see and do and smell and taste.

After that outing, we got to go to Spofford Lake and Kara had her first* time at a beach. She played a little in the sand and a lot in the water.

Then we took a boat ride on a VERY fast speed boat. I didn't get a lot of pictures of that. I mostly held on to Kara really tight!!!

That night, our hosts planned a great meal for us: Maine Lobsters, clams and steak! Here's Mrs. Mousette showing Kara two of the lobsters (I think there were 20!)

Here's Kara's reaction to Mrs. Mousette naming them and pretending they were talking to each other.

Kara also got to feed the clams. I learned that if you give them cornmeal the day before, it replaces the sand and dirt in their stomachs. Interesting..

It was a very delicous meal. They served the lobster with melted butter, but Luke and I didn't think it was needed. The lobster (and clams and steak) was soooo yummy!

*Kara's been to a beach before, but she doesn't remember it so she doesn't count it!

Tomorrow...last installment of our New Hampshire trip--The trip home!

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