Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Thankful Tree (and teeth)

Kara and I made a Thankful Tree. I stole this idea from another blog (don't remember where...sorry!). The leaves are all the things that she is thankful for.

Here's when we started...

Notice the ONE missing tooth:

And today we finally finished it.

A closeup of some of the leaves (decorated with stickers and glitter, of course)
And here are TWO missing teeth.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I feel bad. :( I pull her lil tooth out of her head and she's still thankful for me!? :'( She's the perfect niece. I saw my name right away. . .
(I can't remember how to log on...but i will soon)

fblife said...

So Cute! Crazy to see missing teeth! Does that mean Elijah will be losing his soon too?

Anonymous said...

hilarious! i love how the only things besides people that she's thankful for are apple trees, stop signs, candy and toys. did she come up with those? oh and housewarm... is that like a bulblight or balleye?


CZ said...

Don't tell her that it says "housewarm" she was trying to say warm house and gets upset when someone reads it...well...like it's written.
She also has "hot sun" "sun" "house" (not to be confused with housewarm)"roads" and "apple trees" (and Laura which is a dog, not a person)...:)