Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ballard Nature Center

For our homeschooling field trip, we went to the Ballard Nature Center in Altamont. When I originally planned the trip, the temps had been in the upper 70s. Then they dropped and thunderstorms were forecasted. We decided to go anyway and were rewarded with a chilly, cloudy, but rain free day!We traveled on some of the many trails and found docks and overlook areas.And then we explored the exhibit room. Like bug tic-tac-toe:And a couple of cool trees:

And bird watching (with one way glass so the birds weren't scared off by us!)

We used a brush to uncover and identify different animals' tracks.
And looked at other interesting wildlife!Kara didn't like that bear but Micah sure did!
Micah just kinda hung out all day :)
The kids had lunch at a kid sized table. Then we visited a fun park. Sorry, no pics :(...but it was an awesome old school park with a merry-go-round and huge slide that would make any mom nervous.

Sorry if there are any grammar errors or typos. Cranky 8 month old is on my lap!