Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Micah's First Haircut (and I Wish I Could Take a Good Picture!)

 Micah got his first haircut today, his 13 month birthday!  Here are the before pictures:

Crying because he was a little under the weather and I took his sippy cup away to get a picture:
 Another before.  It was raining cats and dogs so we got soaking wet.  The stylist didn't even need to wet down his hair!
 Handsome, even with wet, stringy hair :)
 He liked the blocks!
 After...I didn't take one good picture of after.  Not sure why I'm such a dunce with the camera.  But I did have a wiggly subject!
 This one would have been cute!
 And I love his face in this one!

And the blurry cell phone picture: