Thursday, October 23, 2008

Robbie, We Miss You!!

Out of the blue yesterday, Kara asked me if Robbie (her 6 month old cousin) was crying for her because he missed her. (I think he was...wouldn't you?)

Here is a short "ode to Robbie" via pictures because WE miss him (and the rest of the family. But now you know how it feels to me when you call me and say how much you miss Kara...j/k!)

Isn't he adorable???


A Little McD said...

SO cute! I love that first photo...I laughed out loud. :)

Erin said...

Ohhh Christina, you know we always miss you too, it just hurts too much to talk about it... ;) HAHAHA! LOOK AT HIS FACE! I love it! And that 2nd one looks like she's about to lean in and give him a big kiss! (I would say she is... but, she doesn't kiss him) That last one is so precious, we just need Niknik in there. :) All the little pieces of my heart ;) Was it after I got off the phone with her that she was asking about Robbie, cause I was telling her how he comes to Nana's house for Thanksgiving, and how when he gets bigger he'll be more fun to play with. She totally wants to come for Thanksgiving, but she only THINKS that Robbie's going to be more fun when he gets better, she's not sure. ;)
Love you ALL!

Erin said...

p.s. Mom wants you to teach Kara "face check" for Dad.

katie said...

maybe one of my favorite blogs. you should see his faces now...they're pretty cute!

CZ said...

Kara took that first's like he's asking "What are you doing, Kara????"