Monday, March 16, 2009


Meredith posted her picture of our kids at Ryan's wedding. Here's mine. John and Kara are such good friends.


Erin_Speziale said...

Aw! Soooo cute!!!

Hey, I'm ready for a video of her reading to me. ;)

A Little McD said...

We went to Innovative Portraits. They have no sitting fee and they have this great package for $9.95 where you get 500 photos (1 pose only).

Thank you Thank you Thank you for Javen's birthday gift! I LOVE that book...and he is so into dogs right now so it's perfect! (I love that it's Kara's fav too.) I laughed when I saw the playdoh. Javen thinks they are blocks right now. We'll show him what it really is when I know he won't eat it. :) Also, Kara's card for Javen is on the fridge. love you guys!