Monday, July 20, 2009

7 Things

I've been tagged (about two months ago!!!) by my good friend, Diane over at A Little McD (which she'll soon have to rename "2 Little McDs"!) to name 7 creative things about me. So here goes:

1) I like all food except one thing. Pepperoni. Seriously. There are combinations of food that I don't like or certain ways of preparation but pepperoni is the only food that I truly don't like.

2) I didn't like my wedding dress. Sad, I know. For some reason I was in a hurry to pick one out and tried to get it as cheaply as possible. I only tried on a few and I really have no idea why I rushed it. My mom fixed the worst parts and made it a lot better than the original's my one regret to a GREAT wedding.

3) When I watch movies or TV, I like to laugh. Once in a great while I like a sad movie. But mostly I don't like action or thinking movies and I especially don't like scary or horror movies.

4) I love to read. Books, magazines, newspapers, internet articles, game instructions, recipes, blogs...cereal boxes!

5) Growing up, I always wanted an older brother. I don't know why I glamorized it. Now, I love being the oldest of 5 girls. I love my sisters!

6) All my sisters and my mom have been to Hawaii and I've never gone!!! I would love to go to Hawaii.

7) I don't like to blog without posting a picture. Since I'm not at home with my own camera cord, I've found one on my sister's computer. It is of Braedon, my very new nephew!
Now I'm supposed to tag 7 friends. Since probably only 7 people (or less) read this blog, consider yourself tagged!!!

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