Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hobie and Gobie

This blog is called the Adventures of Hobie and Gobie and I'm happy to announce that they are both alive and well! Kara shares stories of their lives with us and here are a few:

Story #1
We are getting ready for bed when Kara says, "Mom, do you know that Hobie and Gobie's mom doesn't count to 3. She only counts to 2."

I said, "Then what happens."

"They spend most of the day in time out. They don't even get to play with their big sister, Ella."

Story #2
We went to the library and I told her she could pick one coloring page to bring home.

She said, "Do you know what Hobie and Gobie do? They don't even ask their mom if they can take a coloring page. They just take all of them."

Story #3
On our way to Chicago while Kara was potty training she said, "Hobie and Gobie have to go potty real bad." I figured that was a clue that she had to go so I pulled over at a gas station, got her out of the car (probably had to unbuckle Hobie and Gobie too) and took her to the restroom. When I tried to sit her on the toilet, she said "Not me, Hobie and Gobie." She wouldn't even try and she did hold it all the way to Chicago!

Just this morning:
"Do you know what Hobie and Gobie call Rice Krispies? Purple Krispies! HAHAHA" The Hahaha is Kara's new laugh. It's pretty funny.

Frequently, we "forget" to bring Hobie and Gobie somewhere and so they are running beside the car before we let them in.

Hobie and Gobie are about 2 inches tall. She carries them places. When I asked if they are boys or girls she said that they are both. Hmmm.

All I know is Hobie and Gobie sure make this a fun place to live.

**This just in***
"Mom, you know what? Hobie and Gobie can do things that no one else can. Not even dogs." Here her voice gets almost to a whisper! "They can do cartwheels under the water!"


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness! TOooo funny! This totally made me laugh. I have a good Hobie and Gobie quote too.
"Hey, Mom, did you hear that 2+2=4?"
"Where did you hear that, Kar"
"From Hobie and Gobie"
:) It's good to know they are smart
-- Shell

Erin_Speziale said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She's so funny! Honestly, where did all this imagination come from? This was by far my most favorite blog post ever. I think once a week you should just update hobie and gobie with all the funny things that Kara says... then I can tell all my friends at school ;)