Monday, December 1, 2008

Math girl

Conversation this morning:

Kara: Mom, did you hear that 2 plus 2 is 4?

Mom: No, I didn't. Where did you hear that? (I know I kinda lied!)

Kara: Hobie and Gobie told me.

Happy first day of Advent!


erin said...

HAHAHA! Hobie and Gobie and me! ;) Soo cute! I miss her already!

So today Nik was in the kitchen, and he walked backwards into a chair, and was like "oh! Sorry Ka-ra" And I said "What???? Nik, did you jsut say 'sorry Kara?'" and he looked behind him and laughed and said "It just a chair... haha"
;) He misses her, and so do I!

Crystal said...

Hey, how did you like the concert on Sunday night? (I noticed that is where that picture of Kara was taken.) I was up in the balcony running the Power Point so I could spy on you. Ha ha Ha.

Are you reading So Brave, Young and Handsome? Have you finished it? What did you think? I haven't had any discussion on my blog so I don't know what everyone thinks of the book.