Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun with a Fort

Kara and Daddy made this fun fort while Kara was home "sick" from AWANA.

Now you see her:
Now you don't:


Sherah said...

Fun!! :)

(by the way, the picture on the wall behind the couch is beautiful! Is that printed on canvas? gorgeous!)

Erin said...

CUUUUTE! Man, how did he get it to stay up so well? :P guys and their forts. I love her little face so much! AHH! Come up here quick!

CZ said...

Sherah...you and Marty should come down for a visit and see the canvas up close...and see us. It's a picture a friend took of Kara and Luke from last fall.

Erin...lots and lots of clothes pins.