Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nana's Sweater2

I was searching and searching for a picture of Kara wearing Nana's sweater and Luke found it today somewhere back in the recesses of our computer. (Good thing he knows what he's doing with this newfangled machine!) These were taken right around Kara's first birthday.


Anonymous said...

Ohh I miss Kara when she was this little! Can you make her go back? Look at her red hair, it's just the cutest thing.
P.S. After seeing her in this sweater, I think that it's totally a girl's sweater-- but that Robbie still looked cute because Robbie looks cute in anything.

CZ said...

Luke thinks she looks like a boy in this sweater. :)

erin said...

Oh she totally looks like a girl! She's beautiful! AHHHHHH! I miss her! Seriously, look at the face, I just wanna squeeze her cheeks. Definitely a girl sweater.
My gosh, I don't understand why I get all the cutest nieces and nephews, serious, I feel selfish. ;)