Thursday, November 13, 2008

Summary of the weekend

I've posted quite a few pictures from our fun weekend with my sister, Katie and her family. Well, here are the rest. (I don't think anyone really cares, but I didn't get many pictures of the adults...we had fun too:)

Twins, Sophia and Kara:

Adorable Niklas!!
Robbie Bear:
The artistes (notice the line down the middle)
Playing outside...brrrrrr
At the beginning of Veggie Tales
Halfway through the movie
Good night:)


erin said...

CUTEST THINGS OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! I want like ALL these pictures! :) Oh my goodness, I wish I could've come down with them! :P They look like they got along great :) I love those Veggie Tale pictures! Those are sooo adorable!
How did Soph and Kara have matching shirts?
Ummm I'm gonna squeeze Nik's face off. Well, just his cheeks, and his nose. That's it.
Can't wait to see you guys! Love you!

Sherah said...

AHH! Those pictures are SO precious :) How is it possible to have so many cute kids in the same family? Honestly!!

katie said...

My favorite was when Nik told Kara that he was gonna draw a little bit on her side, okay?! yes?!